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The Notion Of Liberty and Equality In A Democracy

Mon Aug 14, 2023 02:54 PM | Last update on: Sat Jun 15, 2024 01:59 AM

The Notion Of Liberty and Equality In A Democracy

Staff Reporter : The Notion Of Liberty and Equality In A Democracy One must be aware of the contradiction between parliamentary democracy and capitalist industrial organization. Economic inequality is inherent in the capitalist system which cannot bring about political equality and renders democracy useless. Parliamentary democracy creates passion for 'liberty' but 'equality' is not seen as such. Democratic Socialism, sees the individual as the end, but in such a situation, individuals become means and become an obstacle in the freedom of the individual, due to which it is difficult to bring equality in the society.

There should be a good economic institutional system to take advantage of the fundamental rights where the person can afford his or her rights. Describing freedom, equality and fraternity as major principles .Today, when the democratic values are in danger, one must operate as a social scientist who is not bound to any particular caste but guides the entire society and visualizes an egalitarian society which is yet to be converted into reality. Liberty is based on equality and fraternity. In such a society there should be same criteria for everyone and availability of work according to his or her interest. Equal opportunities and equal treatment should be available to all persons. It is not enough for democracy to be only political, it should also be social and economic. While thinking about Secularism , it does not mean the abandonment of religion. Political democracy cannot survive without basic social democracy. What is the meaning of social democracy, it is a method that gives life value to freedom, equality and fraternity. A person is an 'end' in himself or herself . It means that the person is rational (logical) and sovereign. It is not a means to achieve something for someone else but to achieve his or her goal, it has its own importance.An individual has certain inalienable rights which should be guaranteed to him or her by the constitution. In the Indian context, these rights are given in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, which is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution to its citizens. Economic equality is necessary to establish political and social equality. To establish political equality, social and economic equality is necessary and to establish social equality, it is necessary to establish political and economic equality. All the three principles are necessary for each other, the lack of one becomes the lack of all.

For social, economic, religious and political equality in all respects, it is imperative to uplift the untouchables. Whatever change has taken place in the society today, it is to be based on the dedicated efforts of laying foundation for a a society which permits the actualization of man's essence, by overcoming his alienation. National planning, a substantial degree of economic equality among the people and a high level of productive forces form the base of a doctrine to lead a change towards a society based on common or public ownership of resources and means of production leads to a more equal society.

Constitutional morality is extremely important .Nothing will be affected by the shortcomings of the constitution if there is constitutional morality. But in the absence of constitutional morality, no matter how good the constitution is, it will not be a factor in the result of emulating the principles of Liberty and Equality .Social Equality is extremely important before political equality .

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