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Raximboyeva Mahliyo Magic word

Thu Jun 01, 2023 06:58 PM | Last update on: Thu May 30, 2024 02:23 AM

Raximboyeva Mahliyo Magic word

International Desk: The weather is clear today. I wake up rubbing my eyes from the shed. Grandfather Hikmat lovingly feeds his quails. - Are you up...sleepy, lazy. Children like you rush to school and field. "What about you?" my grandfather asked. Without answering, I put on my pants and shirt and go to the table. My grandfather also pours tea. I enjoy my breakfast in the morning. But my grandfather is snoring at me. They began to speak in a serious tone: - Why didn't you tell me a magic word at breakfast? Shaking a sip of tea from my cup: - Grandpa, what kind of magic word?! - Oh, my child, I have given you so much advice, I did not say such a magical word... -Grandpa, I know all the words you told me, but what are the magic words? My grandfather smiled: "Then I know that if you find magic words for breakfast tomorrow and don't tell me, I will give you a gift." I immediately ran to my friends. Alochi, if I ask the smart Arif, he will say that no one knows such words he made a mess. I blushed in front of Arif. If I ask little Zarifa, I can't help you, because she was upset that you took away my ball. No one wanted to tell. Are magic words so difficult? if?! While walking along the street, I overheard a conversation between two people. Their conversation is very interesting. They look at each other and ask: "Hello, how are you?" When they greeted each other, a smile appeared on their face, and it seemed to me that they were enchanted. I found it! I found a magical word. I'm happy when I'm young. I hurry home. Morning. The sun raised its face and woke up the whole village. Let's have breakfast in the morning. My grandfather looked at me and said, "Did you find a good sleeper?" I happily: - Yes, I found it, grandfather. This magic word is "Hello". My grandfather's face lit up: - Blessings, my dear. You said these words I thought you wouldn't find it. Now you never forget this magic word! Because you are an Uzbek child, you should keep these words in your heart and tongue! - Yes, grandfather. Now I will never forget these words. So this magic word taught me a good lesson. If any child does not know these words, I will leave them.

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