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Hypocrisy and false moralism are rooted in evils in society, which often focus on judging the nakedness of the legs without seeing the nakedness of the tongue. It's a cruel paradox in a humanity that prides itself on its diversity but often fails to respect and cherish the different cultures, beliefs, and traditions that makeup it.

Each individual is a unique universe, carrying within him his history, his roots, his clothes, his dances, his foods, his traditions. Plurality should be celebrated and respected, not a reason for unjustified judgment and prejudice. Freedom of expression and choice should be an inalienable right for all, without external impositions and standards attempting to dictate what is right or wrong.

It's easy to point the finger and preach to an unaware crowd about a supposedly pure and caste life, while ignoring the reality of human complexity and the diversity of experiences and experiences. The utopia of a perfect and contradictory society is just an illusion, for we are multifaceted beings, filled with contradictions and nuances that make us unique and authentic.

The body part that kills the most, shames the most and hurts the most is often the part stored inside the mouth: the tongue. When used irresponsibly, language can be a powerful weapon, capable of destroying reputations, hurting feelings and spreading hate and falsehood.

The false moralists who care more about outward appearance than moral essence and integrity should reflect on the true meaning of ethics and morality. May this reflection serve as a reminder to those who consider themselves the guardians of others' morality, but who often neglect the virtue of empathy, compassion and mutual respect.

May we learn to appreciate the diversity and individuality of every human being, respecting their choices and their freedom to be who they are, without impositions or unfounded judgments. True beauty and morality reside in authenticity, kindness and compassion that emanates from our hearts, not in superficial appearances or arbitrary standards imposed by society.

May we all reflect on our actions and words, and seek the true essence of humanity, free from hypocrisy and falsehoods. May the false moralists on duty remember that true virtue lies in conduct and character, not in mere facade or outward appearance. Let the tongue be used with wisdom and kindness, to build bridges of understanding and love, and not walls of division and hate.

May humanity free itself from the chains of false moralism and embrace the true essence of human dignity and integrity. ...Aura Barbosa, PhD Student Harvard University, USA Vice President, Global Writers Academy, International Editor, The Daily Global Nation

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