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The poetry written by BISWANANDA SINHA is free from any false pretensions.The sincerity and passion bubble forth in simple words of everyday speech. Each one is unique with their simple and limpid poetic expression, they reveal his intense emotions for life, clear vision, deep insight, noble humanitarianism, his thirst for knowledge, commitment to intense socio-economic awareness and his passionate longing for Mother Earth and nature.

A potpourri of poems WHEN MY SOUL SPEAKS written by Biswananda Sinha is best read when you are in a pensive mood. There are a myriad reasons to pen down the lines out of which his passion plays the most important role. To get a better view of the abstract thoughts of a poetic mind, take a peep inside the book. We rarely see a scientist or a technologist writing poetry. A poet writes only poems conveying the messages through his fine frenzy and dreams.

It is therefore something of a marvel when we see noble thoughts, practical wisdom, executive expertise and poetic talent clamouring for release and expression within the same individual. Such men are rare to come by, who think for others' weal, draw plans for the betterment of humanity, cry in pain to see others in grief and romanticises with a deep intriguingtouch.

His 'Madhusandhya' is a beautiful muse which makes each readers glued to read till the end to find out who is the mysterious lady. Sinha belongs to this exclusive club of thinkers, planners, men of action, dreamers and poets. I congratulate him for getting this beautiful book published by Aabs Publishing House, India and wish him all the success he rightly deserves.

Biswananda Sinha is a telecom professional with 25 years of experience in nation building and an ardent lover of literature. He has worked with telecom giants like Tata Teleservices, Bharti Airtel, Alcatel Lucent. His first novel "Pratishruti" was published in 1992 and the second novel "Tumai AamaiMilon Hole" was published in 2008.

Both the novels were written in Bengali. And this is the first book of poetry written in English to be published by Aabs Publishing House.More power to his pen! SUNITA PAUL Publisher I Entrepreneur I Organiser | Author | Editor Sunita Paul is an award-winning entrepreneur and publisher from the City of Joy, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The Managing Director of AABS Publishing House, CEO of AABS Events and Entertainment, Co-founder of Paul Consultancy Services, Sunita is the Editor-in-chief of Reader's Choice Magazine and organizer of many events of high repute. She is also the assistant editor of Atunis Galaktika, a premium European poetry platform. Recently she has been appointed as the Director Operations in the esteemed G-100 Country Club of Wicci.

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